Thursday, May 15, 2008

Main Street Mall Giveaway!

MSMO Shopping Spree Give Away
Main Street Mall Online is giving away a free shopping spree to three lucky shoppers to use for shopping at participating MSMO stores. From now until October 31, 2008, every customer that purchases from a participating MSMO store will receive a free entry in a drawing to be made November 1st, 2008. Three shopping sprees will be awarded by chance draw:

1st Shopping Spree value: $75.00
2nd Shopping Spree value: $50.00
3rd Shopping Spree value: $25.00

These shopping spree amounts will only be useable for purchases at participating MSMO stores. You can spend them all at one store or split them between stores; just pay the difference if your total purchase exceeds the value of the shopping spree.

Participating store owners will include a MSMO Shopping Spree Give Away entry certificate with each shipment to their customers. Customers who wish to enter the drawing will visit the specified web page and validate their entry. Anyone who shops at a MSMO store, and who receives an entry certificate, may enter the drawing once per certificate. The drawing is open to all shoppers at participating MSMO stores. Participating stores will be indicated by the following text:

This Is A MSMO Shopping Spree Give Away Participating Store
click here for more information

with a link to this information page. This notice will appear on their store page and in each listing. Only purchases from participating stores qualify for the drawing. Winners may use their prize money at any participating MSMO stores during the months of November and December, 2008.

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