Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just Listed - THE Estevez, Zuni Necklace, and More!

Darling Ultra Soft Khaki Green SCRAPBOOK Elastic Waist Tunic Top, Puffed Sleeves, Peace Dove Bird

1960s Vintage RARE Champagne Slubbed Silk ESTEVEZ Swing Evening Coat, OSFM

Vintage ZUNI Indian Silver Inlaid Unique 20" Necklace, Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, Coral, Onyx - Signed RL - Dangles

Vintage Astatic D104 Lollipop Microphone D-104 Ham Radio


Hello all!

Today while deciding what to feature this week for our "Share Your Wares" promotion, I decided to focus on vintage kimonos. Then I started thinking about them, and thought gosh, I bet a lot of people really don't know how to wear them or what the heck to do with them.

Not only can you wear them as a simple robe, you can easily incorporate a kimono into your wardrobe. You can wear them with vintage certainly, but they also look just fantastic with a pair of 7 jeans and some hot high heeled boots for a unique evening look. Sometimes just adding one fantastic piece of vintage to your contemporary fashions really ups the ante - making a very unique statement that no one else will have.

I did a search on Main Street for some unique kimonos, here's what I found.

Dressed to Thrill Vintage

Purse Diva Vintage

Buxxomrider Downhome Vintage

Purse Diva Vintage

Purse Diva Vintage

Purse Diva Vintage

Purse Diva Vintage

A lot of the times it's hard to find a vintage kimono in excellent condition - after all, these were pieces of clothing that were definitely every day wear. Alterations can be easy, and as well, they are simply gorgeous framed in your living room.