Tuesday, June 24, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag Time!

It's Blog Tag time at the eVintage Society! I was tagged by Jen at Penelopepup's Vintage Blog! Animals…..we love ‘em, we love to wear ‘em! Prints, that is (fur is another and much more sensitive topic for another blog).

1) Show us your favorite piece of animal print apparel in your inventory!
Hmm, I can't decide, so I'll show you two of my favorites.

This is an incredibly sexy 1960s, very Ann Margret, Bali bikini and cover up. Vavavavoom!

And then this is a lovely linen tiger strip mod coat - could be worn as a coatdress as well.

2) What is your favorite animal print to wear & why?

I love all animal prints, but in small doses, most particularly on shoes! Leopard for certain.

3) Favorite to sell?

Any and all - shoes and handbags in particular (but of course!)

4) Favorite pet and best pet story?

My favorite pet would have to be my beautiful Red. He passed away a few years ago but was the most wonderful dog we've ever had. He was a grand champion miniature pinscher and came to live with us after he retired. Just a marvelous, loyal, sweet little man, and we miss him tremendously.

Best pet story...we have a ton of good pet stories! Off the top of my head - we used to have a cherry head conure named Barney. He was green with a bright red head. One day close to Christmas he disappeared. We could not figure out where in the world he might be. Searched the house top to bottom, no bird! Finally we happened to glance at the Christmas tree...and there he was, perched on the very top like a star, blending in with the red and green. :-)

5) Scared of animals? Which one scares you the most & why?

No, not really scared of animals, I don't think. Perhaps alligators or sharks - which makes a lot of sense, considering we're moving to Florida! LOL!

6) Favorite animal to visit at the zoo or to collect images of?

Dolphins and manatees, for sure!

You can follow the blog tag on over to Sydney's Vintage Fashion Runway!

So Cute for Summer!

Hello all! Take a peek at two very neat new vintage pieces to our store.

Check out these darling jelly belly firefly vintage earrings, they're as cute as can be and oh so unusual! A terrific opalescent blue, with rhinestones and enamel eyes, and those delicate gold filigree wings!

Also a pair of dreamy Dream Step 1950s black scallop cutout stilettos -

Need something nautical for your Summer parties? Here's a couple of perfectly darling vintage dresses, as well a neat pair of "porthole" earrings.

Every item in our stores has recently marked down, so come take a peek at our treasures.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flamingo Hacked

Hello everyone! In case you happened by the Eclectic Flamingo yesterday, we wanted to let you know that our store was hacked - just the Flamingo, not the other two. They posted some fairly offensive photos and text. All have been fixed now but we wanted you to know that this was definitely the work of a hacker with entirely too much time on their hands (and not much imagination) - not us.

No customer information was ever compromised, so no worries for you. All they could do was mess with the look of our store.

Thank you for your support everyone.

Sweaters for Summer??

You bet! Sweaters for Summer are a must have! All that AC, plus if you're where we are (northwest) you're seeing 30 degree mornings right now...brr!!! We have a few cute ones.

1950s Vintage Rockabilly Cardigan Yellow Sweater, Cashmere, Ballantyne, Made in Scotland, Davenport Hotel

1950s Vintage Cadet Blue Rockabilly Cardigan Sweater, Diamond Cuffs, Made in Italy, Bust 38"

1950s Vintage Ivory/Winter White Soft Wool Knitted Bolero Sweater/Cardigan, Rhinestones, Bam's

1960s Vintage Catalina Jacquard Floral Sweater 36 Round Collar Rockabilly Van Dyke Edges

Thursday, June 05, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag Time!

eVintage blog tag time! I was tagged by Jen at Penelopepup's Vintage Blog - Sex and the City!!

1)We know Carrie favors vintage, but let’s dress them all! Like cyber paperdolls. To kick it off, show us a piece you think the quirky, eclectic and whimsical Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) would look great in from your inventory.

The Carrie character has definitely "grown up" a tad in the movie, fashion-wise, from what she used to wear on the show. Of course, it is 4 years later. Back in one of the seasons she was wearing a lot of skirts with a frill in the back (think crinolines as a skirt). I'd put the character from that time in this crinoline, with some fab Manolos, but of course, and a hip vintage t-shirt.

2)Samantha (Kim Cattrall) works the vampy edge of fashion…what do you have in your inventory that can bring out the temptress in a woman?

Oh, I have THE perfect Samantha dress. This is a stunning, drop dead, DEEP v-neck silky 80s number that is SO Samantha. *note - this item has sold

3)Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) tends to play it safe, tending toward clean lines and classic silhouettes with the occassional sexy edge. What do you have in your inventory for her?

Let's see, Miranda...while at first glance you might not think this is very "Miranda", but I think the character at this point would wear it out in the evening, more so than her character on the show years ago. This is a 1940s crepe beaded evening jacket with wonderful billowly sleeves.

4)Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is often seen in more feminine, flirty and girlie pieces. What vintage dress or ensemble do you have that would work for her character?

For Charlotte I think I'd put her in a full-skirted 50s dress, and top it with this darling 50s winter white rhinestone accented bolero...and of course you must top it off with a tegu lizard kelly bag!

5) Sex and the City Shoes, got em?

I have a lovely pair of 50s DeLiso Deb stilettos that are pretty darn cool!

and...an 80s Charles Jourdan black patents pair, yummy!

6)Love the show? Hate the show? Never seen it? Do tell. No spoilers if you’ve seen the movie!

Love it. LOVE IT. Miss it terribly! I did see the movie (in fact, bought tix days before it came out online lol), opening night.

You can follow the blog tag on over to Sydney's Vintage Fashion Runway!