Friday, April 27, 2007

Eye Candy!

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Main Street Household & Furniture Mall provides you with stores offering all items for your home.

Main Street Mall Online is a friendly, easy-to-use, Internet shopping community of merchandise specific malls. Each mall features independent seller operated stores offering goods or services from a vast array of product lines, including gifts, jewelry, books, crafts, sewing patterns, antiques, glassware, children's, men's, women's and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories, housewares, coins, stamps, ephemera, collectibles, pottery, pet supplies, dolls, teddy bears and toys, wedding, and more. Shoppers do not have to register to purchase. All sales are direct between buyer and seller, with no auctions and no waiting. Sellers are permitted links to their website, or other selling venues. Low monthly rental. No listing or sale fees.

Here is a just a sampling from over 10,000 items in our stores!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bring on the Sun!

Oh BOY are we tired of cold and wind and snow! Bet you are too.

Here are some fun pieces to help get you in the Summer sun mood!

Bringing on the the photos for more info!

Free Shipping Weekend! Just enter voucher code "free ship"

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ladies, 38D on top and M on bottom?

If you happen to be this size, girl, you are in LUCK.

This is one SERIOUSLY hot suit - just imagine lounging by the pool in this killer 60s Bali swimsuit & matching belted shirt/cover-up!

Just click the pic to check it out!

Friday, April 06, 2007

What's In for Spring

Just got an email the other day from a VERY well known online store of high-end pieces. They proclaim vintage patterns and prints the new hot item for Spring. Cool! I went and checked them out, and holy moley, let's just say...I don't know about you, but I am NOT spending $440.00 on ONE DRESS - a purse, well sure, but that's different ;-).

So, I decided to do a little window shopping over at Main Street to see what I could find - and lo and behold, there are TONS of pieces that look dramatically like what is projected to be THE hot item this spring - vintage prints!

Not one piece featured is over $100. They run from $14.99 to $99.00...think of how much you could fill your closet with! Each picture is clickable directly to the item for more information.

1) Purse Diva Vintage
2) Alley Cats Vintage
3) Razz My Berries
4) aVenir Fashions
5) BellaJadore
6) Damn Good Vintage
7) Legacy Vintage
8) Pretty Baby Vintage
9) The Vintage Peacock
10) Old & Beautiful
11) Purse Diva Vintage
12) Purse Diva Vintage

And, say you've got some groovy print material and want to make your own? Check out these patterns!

1) What-I-Found - Sewing Patterns!
2) Miss Helene's Vintage Sewing Shoppe
3) Sew Retro Sewing Patterns
4) Patterns 4U
5) Pattern Mania

I seriously need to learn to sew. Do you know there are 4,229 patterns available here?!

Til next time...

Mola, Indian Head Pipe, Tins & More

From the Eclectic Flamingo...some really cool unusual pieces for your collection!

1930s/40s Vintage Thompson's Tampa Cigars Box 1939 Londres Finas Florida 50

Unique Vintage Mexican Art Pottery Bird Candleholders Set of Two, Marked Cat Mex 361

Vintage Carved Indian Head Pipe, Tons of Detail, 4"

Vintage Hand Stitched Mola Panama Kuna Piece, 17" x 13" Sundresses Butterflies Unusual Reverse Applique

Vintage RARE Stag Tobacco Red Tin, Large Buck Litho 3 5/8 x 2 3/4, Hinged Lid P. Lorillard New Jersey - the large buck tin!