Friday, May 30, 2008

Tonight is THE Night!

Finally, the wait is over! We've all saved the date and have our Manolos ready to go. Unless you're living under a rock somewhere, you've of course heard - Sex and the City opens today. My mom is sending me as a late b-day present, and the other half of Purse Diva is being dragged with much resistance! :-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag Time!

eVintage blog tag time! I was tagged by Jen at Penelopepup's Vintage Blog - this week, vintage slips!

1) Show us your favorite vintage slip in your inventory.

Oh wow, what a hard decision! I have three favorites actually, I can't pick just one. A 1940s peachy pink satin rayon by Trébelwith teastain lace and chiffon, a 1950s orange crush colored Vanity Fair nylon slip with lace trim, and a chocolate brown 1960s Formfit Rogers.

2) Lace trim or chiffon trim? What's your favorite?
Hmm...I think the filminess of chiffon is my favorite.

3)Colors or neutrals, whats your preference?
I'm all for colors - hiding a bright or unusual color under a more sedate suit - fabulous way to sneak in your sparkling personality!

4)Favorite label in vintage lingerie? (Vintage Vanity Fair, Vassarette, Movie Star, Barbizon?.)
Oh wow that's a hard question! So many fantastic vintage labels out there...I will go with Vanity Fair.

5)Full slip or half?

6)Slips worn as dresses in public?..yea or nay?
Sure - if you have the body to carry it off, why not? That is, if it's not see-through!

You can follow the blog tag on over to Sydney's Vintage Fashion Runway!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag!

eVintage blog tag time! I was tagged by Jen at Penelopepup's Vintage Blog. To honor the 10 year anniversary of Frank Sinatra's passing, the USPS issued a Sinatra stamp and Turner Classics has been running Sinatra films all month.

1) Show your favorite Rat Pack look in your inventory:
I adore this era! A great look I have is this very Frank hat -
, as well as this swingin' shirt -

2) Favorite Sinatra song? Easy! Luck be a Lady.

3) Favorite Rat Pack member? Frank! I adore Frank.

4) Best Sinatra "era"? (40s young & skinny, 50s swingin' crooner or 60s Rat Pack suave?) Hmm...I think I'd have to go with the Rat Pack era.

5) Favorite Sinatra wife? Ava Gardner.

6) Been to Vegas? How many times? Best Vegas story?

Oh boy - Vegas is one of our favorite vacation spots. We've probably been there gosh, at least a dozen times. Best Vegas story...well, I have several, probably some not fit for print (lol!). But this one is good - we were there for my birthday, staying at the MGM. We headed to valet to take off to meet some friends. It was very busy and we were sitting there waiting for our car. I happen to look off to the side of me and catch sight of a bellboy standing there waiting for a car with a ton of luggage on his rack...and a little something else. I looked - I looked again - and again - and finally said to Jason that what I THINK it is?? Indeed, it was. Tied to the side of the luggage rack was a crazy blow up doll. The bellboy looked totally blasé about the whole thing - I know he's seen it all!

You know we had to get a picture!

You can follow the blog tag on over to Sydney's Vintage Fashion Runway!

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