Thursday, May 22, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag Time!

eVintage blog tag time! I was tagged by Jen at Penelopepup's Vintage Blog - this week, vintage slips!

1) Show us your favorite vintage slip in your inventory.

Oh wow, what a hard decision! I have three favorites actually, I can't pick just one. A 1940s peachy pink satin rayon by Trébelwith teastain lace and chiffon, a 1950s orange crush colored Vanity Fair nylon slip with lace trim, and a chocolate brown 1960s Formfit Rogers.

2) Lace trim or chiffon trim? What's your favorite?
Hmm...I think the filminess of chiffon is my favorite.

3)Colors or neutrals, whats your preference?
I'm all for colors - hiding a bright or unusual color under a more sedate suit - fabulous way to sneak in your sparkling personality!

4)Favorite label in vintage lingerie? (Vintage Vanity Fair, Vassarette, Movie Star, Barbizon?.)
Oh wow that's a hard question! So many fantastic vintage labels out there...I will go with Vanity Fair.

5)Full slip or half?

6)Slips worn as dresses in public?..yea or nay?
Sure - if you have the body to carry it off, why not? That is, if it's not see-through!

You can follow the blog tag on over to Sydney's Vintage Fashion Runway!

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