Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Summer Dreamin...

All right, fellow Diva's...I don't know about you, but I have had all the wind, snow, ice, rain, and power outages that I can stand for one year! I've started dreaming lately about waves, sun, sand, palm trees...ahh...

Been listening to lots of Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, and Bob Marley, checking the airlines for good sales...you know how it goes!

Anyway, all this dreaming (of course) lead me to start window shopping, and take a peek what I came up with - it's NEVER too early for Summer!

All the pics are clickable links.

A killer vintage Hawaiian pake muu from Damn Good Vintage - in a damn good size!

Retro men's Hawaiian shirt/tank top/pants pattern from Miss Helene's

Darling 70s Ruffle Sundress from Pretty Baby Vintage

Super 70s Andrade Hawaii Summer Striped Sleeveless Top L/XL, from Purse Diva Vintage

Too cute sassy & mod halter dress from Rockermomma - and it's on sale!

Jubilee Art Fairhope Fish Note Cards from Love'n'Art T-Shirt Factory

for making your own fantastic beachy jewelry - Czech matte shell fan beads from Flutterbee's Bead's & Jewlery

McCalls Pattern 2627 Cute Summer Tops! Uncut Size 16-18-20-22, from What-I-Found - Patterns!

This Tiffin vase from Christine's Glass & China would be a lovely container for those gorgeous Summer flowers!

Smoldering Garden Tea Patio Party Vintage Strappy Dress 1960s-1970s, from BellaJadore

1960s Hawaiian GIANT Tribal Tiki Gods Shirt from Purse Diva Vintage

1/2 pound of Turkish Delights, lemon, orange, or lime, from Jan's Fluff & Stuff (YUM!)

Genuine FACETED CARNELIAN 14 x 10 mm oval pendant wrapped in 14kt gold, from Lone Star Gemstones

Just a few of the dazzling things I came across - but this is turning into a novel...so I think I'll continue it next time. Perhaps we'll search for swimsuits next, or more jewelry!

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