Monday, January 08, 2007

Looking for a New Venue for Sales?

Main Street Mall!

Do you sell authentic designer/boutique/couture-type items, and have been looking for a new venue?

You might want to check out where we are located, Main Street Mall.

The fee for a store on our site is a low flat monthly rate based on the listing package you choose. You can start small and grow later if you wish. There are no listing fees or final sale fees or other commissions. Only the flat monthly rate, regardless of how many items you sell.

Packages start at only $20 per month!

You are permitted links to any of your other selling venues!

You can use your own thumbnails, banners, backgrounds, even your own templates.

We have a wonderful family over there, and we'd love to have you join with your authentic pieces (no replica/faux-type designer pieces, however).

For more information, here is a great page to visit.


Purse Diva Vintage

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