Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Patti Stanger, the fabulous Millionaire Matchmaker, is heading to an event tonight in Beverly Hills, so she says via Twitter today. I'm not sure how fancy the event is, but I started thinking, if I could dress Patti for a fun night out - maybe in Vegas - with a little red carpet action of course - what I would put her in? Perhaps this...photos below.

First, a plain base is necessary. A very fitted, clean white, button front blouse. Long sleeves or short, however, short might be more comfortable. Tucked into a pair of simple dark wash jeans, again, fitted, with a bit of a flare, but most definitely not bell bottoms. Add a simple black leather belt. Perhaps could have a chunky and unique (but not tooooo out there) buckle, if going with simple earrings and necklace. Most definitely boots. The higher the better. Fine black leather, narrow heel, not chunky.

The perfect piece on top would be a vintage leather blazer, in a maroon, like the one shown below. With Patti's dark hair and lovely eyes I think that would be a fantastic color on her. She needs a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that no one else is going to every be able to find. For a handbag, either a small, narrow, black leather clutch, or a big, chunky bag, like the Fendi we've shown below. Nothing in between - either one extreme or the other.

Vintage Etienne Aigner Blazer

Exquisite, Rare Multicolor Fendi Fur Mamma Baguette

.....and of course, don't forget to watch The Millionaire Matchmaker, Thursday at 10 on Bravo!

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