Tuesday, June 24, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag Time!

It's Blog Tag time at the eVintage Society! I was tagged by Jen at Penelopepup's Vintage Blog! Animals…..we love ‘em, we love to wear ‘em! Prints, that is (fur is another and much more sensitive topic for another blog).

1) Show us your favorite piece of animal print apparel in your inventory!
Hmm, I can't decide, so I'll show you two of my favorites.

This is an incredibly sexy 1960s, very Ann Margret, Bali bikini and cover up. Vavavavoom!

And then this is a lovely linen tiger strip mod coat - could be worn as a coatdress as well.

2) What is your favorite animal print to wear & why?

I love all animal prints, but in small doses, most particularly on shoes! Leopard for certain.

3) Favorite to sell?

Any and all - shoes and handbags in particular (but of course!)

4) Favorite pet and best pet story?

My favorite pet would have to be my beautiful Red. He passed away a few years ago but was the most wonderful dog we've ever had. He was a grand champion miniature pinscher and came to live with us after he retired. Just a marvelous, loyal, sweet little man, and we miss him tremendously.

Best pet story...we have a ton of good pet stories! Off the top of my head - we used to have a cherry head conure named Barney. He was green with a bright red head. One day close to Christmas he disappeared. We could not figure out where in the world he might be. Searched the house top to bottom, no bird! Finally we happened to glance at the Christmas tree...and there he was, perched on the very top like a star, blending in with the red and green. :-)

5) Scared of animals? Which one scares you the most & why?

No, not really scared of animals, I don't think. Perhaps alligators or sharks - which makes a lot of sense, considering we're moving to Florida! LOL!

6) Favorite animal to visit at the zoo or to collect images of?

Dolphins and manatees, for sure!

You can follow the blog tag on over to Sydney's Vintage Fashion Runway!

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