Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Embellishments for Spring

Hello all! Hope you're well.

We've been noticing a LOT of embellisments, do-dads, whatever you want to call them, on clothing for Spring - and in particular shoes. Have you noticed? Talk about some spectacular footwear out there. Amazing pieces from Miu Miu, Louboutin, Dior, Fendi, Jimmy Choo - all the big names seem to be doing just amazing shoes this year. And the bags...don't even get me started. Not just embellishments, a lot of peep toes (think 40s) and lace-up high heel oxfords.

Now of course, these can be a big bite out of your budget - always look around out there for resale items, they can be found, and if you're careful, you'll find the real deal, not the copies (for instance, in Purse Diva Couture!). Another option is to go with actual vintage footwear. One of the hottest trends this year is 1940s peeptoes - take a look around, they're out there. Of course if you're a talented crafter, you could always take a plain pair of pumps or sandles and dress up those heels with some embellishments of your own! Go for it!

Here are some fab examples we found of the gorgeous shoes out there this Spring. And of course, had to include the spectacular $5000 Fendi at the bottom, yum! We have an amazing calf-hair Fendi available, check it out!

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