Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Need Some Lucky Green?

We've gotcha covered! First, we'll start with the vintage...

Need Some Lucky Green?

Vintage 50s Rich Dark Green Velvet Party Dress, Rockabilly VLV W24" Two Belts!

Funky Vintage Striped BBQ Apron! Cannibal, Native, Tourists in Trouble!!

Vintage 60s Woodcut GREEN Hawaiian Shirt M/L Hibiscus Chest 40"

Vintage SHAHEEN Pake Muu Dragonlady/Angel Sleeve Abstract Butterfly Dress B40"

50s/60s Vintage Sweet Green Embroidered Cocktail Apron "Mary Lou" Lucy Style

60s Darling Vintage Sunflower Ruffle Wrap Dress, S/M B34

60s Gorgeous Floral Vintage Floral Dress, Bonwit Teller, 14, Monet Inspired, Blue Green!

1960s Vintage Green Floral Brocade Chinese Silk Cheongsam Dress

1960s Vintage Hoaloha Hawaiian Jac Shirt Soft Mint Green, Chest 44" MOP Metal Jacket Buttons

1960s/70s Vintage DARLING Baby Doll Puff Sleeve Green Tapa Print Hawaiian Dress, Cotton, Barkcloth Feel

Now, on to the designer...

Antler Buttons! Rich Green Suit, Trachten Oktoberfest Outfit, From Austria, Suede Accents

Darling Authentic Juicy Couture Green Tea/Chocolate Leather Fringe Bird Handbag, Free to Be Juicy!

Dolce & Gabbana Green & Red Logo Sunglasses D & G

Hey Shoe Gals!! Darling Liz Claiborne Full Pleated Skirt, Shoe Print! Stilettos! Size 12

Peek-A-Boo Butterfly Sleeve PRADA Stretch Sparkle Top, Greens, Tropical Flavor

Soft Pastel Mint Green St. John Silk Blazer, B36, Size 4

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