Friday, December 01, 2006

Today's Interview is with Jordan of Lone Star Gemstones!

Today our Main Street interview is with Jordan of Lone Star Gemstones.

Viviene: When did you start designing your own line of jewelry?

Jordan: I have been in love with jewelry almost since I was born. My mama had a pearl pendant that my father brought back from China. It was probably one of the first things I ever focused on as an infant, and my focus has not wavered since then. I started designing and setting my own jewelry line when I could not find the rare, or unusual, gemstones that fascinated me, available in retail environments. I love to wear these gems. By learning to design my own jewelry, and set the gemstones that I want in them, I am able to wear one-of-a-kind pieces. I could coordinate metals and stone colors to match clothing. I could find the perfect setting, in the perfect metal, to bring out the very best in the nature of a gemstone specimen.

Viviene: What are the gems and metals that you like to work with the most?

Jordan: Wow… Difficult to choose. I think probably the “phenomenon” gems are probably my favorites. These are the gemstones that change color in response to different light sources (such as alexandrite, or color-change sapphire), or simply looking at the gem from another direction (such as iolite, or andalusite). I also love to set topaz. There is such variety in colors, and shades, and nuances in the topaz. And topaz has some of the best clarity and brilliance of many of the colored stones. I work almost exclusively with .925 sterling silver, and 10, or 14, karat gold, particularly in my colored gem settings. Some of the components of the beaded necklaces are vermeil (sterling silver heavily electroplated in 22kt gold), or gold-filled to keep the piece more affordable, and because necklace components don’t have to stand up to as much abuse as, say, a ring.

Viviene: What was the motivation to offering gem lots for sale in your store?

Jordan: My first loose gems were actually purchased in a 20 carat lot. I offer gem lots in any (full carat) size, from one carat to ......well, the sky’s the limit, so that anyone, of any income level, can own beautiful, genuine gemstones. The gems in these lots are perfect for the budding gemologist to develop their skills, for the jewelry designer to add color and sparkle to their designs, for the jewelry enthusiast to have put into a setting of their choice for a one-of-a-kind heirloom jewelry piece. They are beautiful, fun, and much less expensive than purchasing each stone individually. It’s like looking at pirate treasure.

Viviene: What influences your own jewelry designs?

Jordan: With regard to my colored gemstone pieces, those are primarily influenced by the gemstone. The color, cut, clarity and carat size, as well as many other intrinsic factors, determine the type of setting and the metal used. The overwhelming concern is: “What will show this gemstone to its best advantage?” Influences for beaded designs come from everywhere: magazines, red carpet pieces, television, other designers. I see things that inspire me, then I run to the nearest paper and pencil to draw a rough sketch and make design notations. I keep them all in a binder and use them for later pieces. I have drawings on envelopes, business cards, the back of grocery lists . . . you name it.

Viviene: Do the loose gems or jewelry attract you the most?

Jordan: Oh no.. You will not get me to say which one of my “children” I love best. My first love was jewelry, largely BECAUSE of the gemstones. I love the loose gems because gemology satisfies the scientific side of my personality, and the sparkle and beauty satisfies the more passionate, esthetic side of me. However, I also love the beading and gem setting because they allow the right side of my brain (the creative, “artsy” side) to get some “Me Time”.
Viviene: What is your personal preference in jewelry? Art deco? Modern? Native American? If you have more than one feel free to go into detail with each one.
Jordan: I am not sure that I have a favorite style. I am amazed and awed by the beauty of Native American jewelry art, and I love the clean, organic lines of art deco, but I suppose most of the jewelry I personally wear would be considered modern, but not TOO modern. I think toe rings, and belly rings, and even some nose rings, are really very darling on those with the figure (and the youth) for it, but I have never pierced anything any more daring than my ears. They are pierced three times on each side, but that was only so I could wear more bling at one time..

Viviene: Where is your store located?
Jordan: After the betrayal of the store owners at eBay, our little company found a selling venue (thanks to our very, very good friend, and fellow store owner, Tami of Tami’s Treasures) that has the same friendly, down-home service we provide our customers. Thanks to their excellent customer service and tech support, we are able to concentrate on providing our customers with the excellent customer service they have come to expect from Lone Star Gemstones. I, and all my loyal staff, have been very happy since the move. We look forward to a very long relationship with this mall. All of our gems, jewelry and designs are sold exclusively through my store at Main Street Mall Online. We can be found at: http:///


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