Friday, October 27, 2006

We're Here!! And we're Betty's!!

Hello! Finally, we've come up with a name, thanks to Viviene over at Born Too Late vintage. Thank you my dear!! Thank you thank you!! Ah, what an odyssey.

What IS Confessions of a Fashion Diva all about, you may ask.

Purse Diva LOVES fashion. LOVES it. A "passion for fashion", you might say. All eras, all types. We're going to feature special items from our stores (Purse Diva Vintage & Purse Diva Couture), as well as neat finds from other sellers we come across over at Main Street Vintage. Try to throw a little humor in there as well, and well...we do admit, we are a tad sarcastic, so bear with us. :-)

This week we made the front page of a very popular blog, She's a Betty. One of our 50s dresses was featured as being quite reminiscent of Jeffrey's finalé piece from Project Runway. VERY exciting for us! What was also so grand was that Main Street itself was mentioned, with a clickable link, and other sellers were also featured. We just love that.

You can click on the picture above to find out more about the featured dress.


Miss Helene's Sewing Blog said...

I'm lovin' that dress! It really IS a Cosa Nostra one, in green!

Kustom Kartoons said...

BTW, what is a Betty?